Just how in the hell are you supposed to get anything done working from home with 2 kids?!

It’s currently a Saturday and I am sat at my computer the aim to be working on our websites algorithms and improve our organic presence on google (bore!!) and my two kids are currently rolling about on the floor wrestling, every now and then there is a shriek where I think perhaps I should intervene and then more wrestling….I’m not sure who will win (it certainly won’t be me) but my money as ever is on my youngest as she's feisty and quite frankly a dirty fighter.
I hate having to work on a Saturday but working during the week at my ‘day’ job and then juggling school and nursery runs means that at least one weekend day currently has to be dedicated to Milksok. After a week at school and nursery Saturdays are actually a great day for the kids to re-coup and as luck would have it have opted to do nothing  today which is a real bonus. However to appease my guilt I have arranged for their cousins to come over and add to the madness so at least if asked on Monday if they had fun at the weekend they can say they did something!
I do actually believe that kids need to learn to entertain themselves and even when I had more time with them I would still leave them to their imaginations as I don't want them to need constant entertainment and be molly coddled all day. Coming from a big family we were actively encouraged to entertain ourselves and I am firmly from the school of ‘it never did me any harm’ thought. Watching my little terrors imaginations grow (and their ability to wrestle) is marvellous and I am there on the side lines egging them on and encouraging when possible. 
Working from home seems like the dream situation but two kids and an ever expanding cat - who just wont stop mewing for food- means that it is definitely not the easiest option but one that I am determined to make work. At least this way while I work I can still be with my kids.  
(They’ve just created a new game, the new game is lets run over to mum and lick her without noticing - a step up from ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf’ but it may result in me eating then all the same!!) 
I love them, I love that when they are bored they make these disgusting games to entertain themselves and that when I see their cheeky little faces I know, deep down, that I am not damaging them as I ignore them to get some much needed work done. I know deep down that ultimately they can’t have my attention all the time, not if I want this business to succeed. I’m sure that any working parent will say that they feel completely powerless and utterly inept when trying to juggle the two. Too much attention on kids means that work slacks, too much attention on work and the kids become feral (ok more feral than usual) I mean does any one actually hold the answers on how to succeed in this? 
This is not merely rhetoric I would love to hear any advice on how you survive your days. Warts and all, funny and sad, lets share, cleanse and come out of this all fresh and ready to take on the world!!

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